Yesterday I found that it was high time that I took a break/pause/hiatus from social media for an uncertain amount of time.


It’s time.

We tend to be too focused on other people, what they are doing, saying, thinking, having opinions about, judging, talking, hearing, or what other things people wish to expose on either Facebook or Instagram. It’s perfectly fine. It’s called social media for a reason. I get the memo. However, I suddenly found it utterly disturbing, even though I posted pictures, shared thoughts and events in my life… but somehow I grew tired of myself and my posting, myself and my need to expose my life. Expose is perhaps the wrong word but do we not associate our lives by exposing it in social media? Or is there another word for it? Suggestions?

Anyway, I decided to take a break. I need it. I need to stop and look around me. Take in the sights of my life as it is, the smells, the sounds, all the human senses need to be rejuvinated through my own need for them – not for the need of showing it to others all the time or constantly waiting for x-amounts of likes… no, there must be more than this provincial life? (quote Belle in Beauty and the Beast).

Hence, I am taking a break. Refreshing my senses and decided to blog about it to see what happens. An experiment you may call it – reality is that I would call it. :)




Hello there!

It seems like a good day to post a wonderful update of one of the most incredible and inspiring art exhibition! My parents surprised me one day by taking me there. They had been to this exhibition a fortnight before so I was excited to see what it was they wanted me to show me. There was such a thrill of anticipation knowing we were visiting the museum in my home town where I used to live. That museum has been my favourite since I was 8 years old and it has a sentimental value in my heart. It has helped, inspired and supported me with knowledge, history, cultural heritage, essays, school trips and fed my hunger for culture and history from the Middle Ages.

This time I was completely taken with the exhibition because it was something different and unusual, not to mention so emotional that it took my by surprise, a happy one of course!

Instead of re-writing about the WHO and the WHAT I will simply show you the information about the exhibition:

“Erik Johansson’s images are loaded and enigmatic. Everyday life turned inside out, surrealism and realism are interwoven and used to create the reality of fantasy. Erik creates images that more than meets the eye of the beholder. Growing up on a farm in Götene he finds here its motives and slices of reality. In the provinces around here he’s at home, feel plateau mountains, plains, roads and pastures. Skaraborg Comforter also recognizes itself, can identify places and environments, but not really. The pictures turn away their feet to the viewer, for what is possible, opening up new realities, inviting the visitor also an inner journey. The sources of inspiration are there, Magritte, Dali, Escher and many more but his pictures are not painted. They are photographed.

Making digital images with Erik’s requirements for quality and accuracy requires more than a good camera and photographic expertise. A painstaking sketching and model building is behind each picture. Environmental Research, casting and photography is then followed by the month-long sessions at the computer.

The 25 images in the exhibition are made over a period of several years. For the first time they appeared in April this year at the Photographic in Stockholm. At the same time the book was released IMAGINE Max Power publishers but already was Erik invited to the theme “Impossible photography” make TED talks, webcast lectures as seen by 100,000’s of people. Probably the last time Erik show this collection in Sweden.

In Västergötland Museum, we are proud to show Erik Johansson’s images, a great artistic and photographic experience.”


Here are some of the photographies that I chose to post:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What do you feel and experience while watching? (You can press pause whenever you want)

Then we decided that you get to choose one picture at the exhibition that will be your favourite. This one should “speak” to you the most and mean something special to you – and only you.

My mother chose Go Your Own Road , 2008


Amazingly enough both my husband and my father chose the same picture: Cut and Fold


And finally – I chose: Don’t Look Back


This picture made me feel hopeful and positive about my future, but also sad and a little scared of what was left behind. You can see the crumbling ground that I have just stepped on, the suitcase containing love, fear, hope, happiness, sorrow, and all the human emotions that are both explainable and not. They create who you are, they build you, but at the end of the day you have to choose which ones to lock up in that suitcase and which ones you choose to hang around your neck to build yourself up. The bright future is always ahead, it’s just your choice of what it will become and how you will continue walking that path towards brighter days.

Something about Mr Johansson’s pictures make me experience something deeper inside my heart than I have ever felt before. It truly can not be put into words because you need to sit by yourself and watch them all to know what I am talking about. Hopefully you all will find your favourite.


This is fantastic! No more words are required to explain Mr Johansson’s amazing talent and gift of reaching out to his audience!


The Road has made a U-turn!

I am BACK!


(Courtesey from the ColourRun my husband and I attended last year in September.)

I can’t believe that I am writing this,that I have changed the look of my blog – after 2 years of silencio! I will not apologise but simply say that I have suffered from writer’s block as well as been too busy building up a new life and having new dreams as a wife and a hard-working student, as well as having three jobs this summer. :)

I am bubbling with new ideas, new thoughts, new experiences, but most of all new pictures to share with you all!

I hope I haven’t lost too many followers or anonymous readers, however, even if I have I am more than happy to welcome new ones with refreshing thoughts and comments!

Hope to hear from you all as soon as I manage to organise and choose what to write about first. :)


// E


Aurora Festival – Chamber Music in Vänersborg – A beautiful musical treat!

On this grey and orange tinted autumn day, my husband and I decided to visit the local Community Centre. There is an annual musical festival hosted by the Aurora Chamber Music in Trollhättan and Vänersborg. Having never been to this festival before and interesting in classical music, this gave us the perfect opportunity to spend a day in the arms of Beethoven, Brahms and Smetana and other spectacular masterpieces.

The program was as follows; (note ALL the international musicians! And they were all youths. They were brilliant beyond belief and absolutely terrific!)

Afred Uhl  – Divertimento för 4 Klarinetter
Senne Coomans – Clarinet- Belgian, Jaroslav Skuta – Clarinet – Czech, Joar Klæboe Henriksen – Clarinet – Norwegian, Øystein Waage – Clarinet – Norwegian

L van Beethoven – Klarinettrio Op 11
David Botella – Clarinet – Spanish, Nadezda Okrusko – Piano  – Lithuanian, Ivan Valentin Hollup Roald – Cello – Norwegian

M Ravel – Pianotrio
Antonia Kesel – Violin – British, Cecilia Bignall – Cello – British, Olga Jorgensen – Piano – Norwegian

J Brahms – Klarinettrio Op 114
Margreet Houtman – Clarinet – Dutch, Filip Graden – Cello – Swedish, Kärt Ruubel – Piano – Estonian

J Brahms – Klarinettrio Op 114
Jonas Granholm – Clarinet – Finnish, Kristiina Hirvonen – Cello – Finnish, Danila Tomassetti – Piano – Italian

B Smetana -Pianotrio Op 15
Piotr Jasiurkowski – Violin – Polish, Ivan Valentin Hollup Roald – Cello – Norwegian, Adela Liculescu – Piano – Romanian




I want to take a pause inbetween the photos because I would like to give a try- in words i.e. to express what went through my head, my soul, my eyes, my heart, my fingers, my mind… yes, the experiences were not only psychological but also physical because of the aura of it all… Time to elaborate my thoughts…

While sitting there, closing my eyes and imagining myself somewhere else, in a world where only I and the music existed. That world consisted of something more than just the tunes of beauty, tranquility and pathos – there was something else that made my heart flutter with anticipation, joy, and strangely enough sadness and tears. How can music do that to someone? I felt my fingers twitch – pretending I was playing the piano just as the marvelous girls that played on the stage. I looked up at the ceiling, not seeing it but instead seeing a ballerina dancing with her heart. Dancing to the tunes and moving her arms as if she was uttering words to me  – words of love and compassion and the sudden surprise of seeing me seeing her… does this sound strange to you? I must admit, I felt strange too when I first saw her take those delicate ballerina-steps to the solemn notes of Brahms… and then suddenly everything came alive. I closed my eyes even harder and realised I was not holding back at all anymore – I had let myself go with the music and the depth of the cello echoing through the room. At once I realised, I was in another time, another space in time where nothing mattered, nothing but my love for the music.

I saw how the musicians had similar experiences on the stage while playing – just like I feel when I used to play at concerts. That feeling is so difficult to describe but it is a kind of sense of freedom. A sense of  freedom to just let yourself go and surrender yourself to the various scenes in which the crescendos and piano fortes create for you and the listener. They moved as they played, they closed their eyes, they nodded when there was a change in the notes so that everyone were synched – all playing together as one, helping each other, guiding each other through the stories Brahms and Beethoven had composed. They were a family – sharing the most important thing in the world to them – their music.

I believe this post will be one of my most emotional and philosophical entries I have ever written and still I feel when my words are running out to describe it to you all – I still haven’t made it justice as to how it felt sitting there and devouring the atmosphere…

When I closed my eyes I was not only envisioning myself in another place but also letting myself go in such a surrendering kind of way that it felt as if I was floating. I got goose-bumps, my eyes welling up but I was still smiling. Opening my eyes a small tear trickled down my cheek and I knew – I had just had the most incredible musical odyssey of my life. I am sure there are many more to come but for today I must thank these young talents for giving me the best gift of them all – a musical fantasia. Thank you.



If anyone who reads this is ever nearby Vänersborg and is aware of this festival and hasn’t visited it (yet)… please do. I am sure you will also have an experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Last but not least – a pic of me; (courtesy to my husband for all the pictures in this post)


Toodle-pip for now and hope to write soon again. :)

ps. Link to the Aurora Chamber Music webpage;

Sadako and the thousand paper cranes – Eleanor Coerr

“Based on a true story, Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes celebrates the courage that made one young woman a heroine in Japan” (Back-cover, Coerr, 1977)

The paper cranes

A best friend

The terrible aftermath of the Second World War in Japan 1945








Eleanor Coerr lived in Japan for many years and heard of a girl named Sadako and how her letters had been published in a book called Kokeshi. She was so taken by the letters and decided to write a story about Sadako and her bravery for American children. Her writing has without a doubt left something so valuable and important in my heart – that is hope, and something even more important; to value life as it is and not waste time on what is not worth your strength at a time when it is not required. In this particular case Sadako was one of the MANY victims who died of radiation 10 years after the war. Even though one may be naïve to think that after so many years Sadako belived she wouldn’t be affected – it appears to have done and changes her life forever.

As I have earlier written and will continue writing to you all when reviewing a book I recently read – is that I don’t wish to reveal too much. Neither do I want to reveal too little… it’s a dilemma.

However, those bold typed words you read earlier are but a few of those vital words that I think of when I read Coerr’s book. It’s filled with that kind of childish but sweet way of writing (reminder that this is a children’s book) but still manages to send the reader that particular kind of stabbing feeling of reality, of what DID happen in Japan all those years ago, and that the effects of it is devastating. We can not forget that even the Japanese people suffered terribly after the atom bombs and probably still are suffering, even if we can not see it as clearly as it was then… e.g. it may not be the awful radioactive waves we are talking about in 2014, but we should never forget the phsycological suffering and terrible loss so many people had to experience that lingers on even today….

We SHALL NOT FORGET! We have to keep on reminding ourselves of the suffering – cruel as it may sound and appear in writing, but it teaches us the value of life, of living and of hope.

Sadako is but a few of the interesting and touching stories I have read this week.

Her story made me realise that even if you may come to terms with reality and know that what will come is what was supposed to happen – you still have to fight for what is rightfully yours; love and hope. Sadako taught me something valuable; always believe in miracles, in what hope can bring you, be it solace, understanding or comfort, but do not forget or be afraid to let go when you know that what is about to happen what meant to happen. At least you were given the gift to believe in something comforting and beautiful and loving instead of being buried with despair and dread.

Her bravery that Coerr outstandingly manages to portray can be interpreted in so many ways and different to everyone, but for me, her bravery was her talent of seeing the brightness of life in her love for her family, her best friend, her brothers and for life and the hope that we in different ways wish to see. In her case – A Thousand Paper Cranes.

I do hope I haven’t ruined the joy of reading this wonderful book by too many thoughts and observations but rather the contrary; enticed you all to read it and afterwards – just put the book down, take a deep breath, and see what happens… inside you, in your soul.

Because believe me – it touched my soul and my mind in a thousand places all at once. And more importantly, teach our children to create a non-violent world.


ps. If any one of you readers live, are going to, on a holiday etc in Japan  – do visit Sadako’s statue in Hiroshima’s Peace Park. It is beautiful from what I have seen on google and worth visiting, if just to leave a silent thought to such a young and happy girl once upon a time… You can also see her statue in the Peace Park in Seattle, Washington.


BildChildrens Peace Monument, Hiroshima, Japan (in memory of Sadako and all the children who died because of the atom bombs)


A beautiful picture of Sadako’s statue in Peace Park in Seattle (pinterest)


Greetings Lords and Ladies!

I have lost complete track of time, months – would I dare to say years (!) since I wrote last time?

I am a wee bit ashamed to tell people I “blog” since I have obviously been too occupied with studies, a new life with a husband and in our apartment etc. However, I am glad to tell you all most dear and resilient readers that UnlimitedRoads is going to IMPROVE!

Hence, my choice of header for this particular post… prepare for huge posts filled with pictures, thoughts, adventures and new life adventures in our life. (I will hereby be writing certain texts in plural since I have now transferred from Ms to Mrs.)

My husband and I got married last year on a beautiful, idyllic and marvellous Swedish summers day! However, I will admit that we were not able to be patient enough to get married during the summer in the same year, but instead decided on surprising my parents by telling them we had arranged a civil marriage the day after they had arrived from India! haha – it was just too good to be true and we had a terrific day on the 12th of May 2013 with a simple wedding ceremony.

I also want tell you that we ALSO had another wedding for all our nearest friends as a picturesque middle-age themed-wedding on the 27th of July 2014.

Suddenly my entire life had changed…

It changed in so many wonderful ways. I was in love, I was so happy that the butterflies in my tummy didn’t subside at all but increased when I said those romantic words of “I do” to Jesper. He makes me happy, he fills my life with a joy that evolves and revolves around life as it were. Be it happiness, sadness, frustration, love, joy, joy for others, happiness for others, worry, hard times, challenging times… there are so many different “life-scenery” we are always faced with and we are BOTH lucky to have each other and face that world and those challenges together.

Having my parents there made our day even more wonderful and confirmed in a spritual and loving way that this was “the time and the place for everything” to happen in all our lives.

Jesper and I have now been married for 1 year but been together for soon 6 years (29th of August 2014) and I am more than excited to see what will happen in our lives along with my parents as well. Family is such a precious “being”. Yes, it’s a being because it changes and alters and grows with love, understanding, respect and support that a person needs to help themselves and understand others in life. Having a family doesn’t only mean taking love, respect and understanding but it also requires just as much vice versa.

Anyway – enough of this… in short, my life has turned into a new world – yet another brave new world for me as a wife and ready to take on life as it comes.! :D Boy am I excited.

Inbetween all these life-philosophies I have also had the chance to go travelling with Jesper and doing other smaller excursions to places in Sweden which I hopefully will be able to post ASAP….

So – I will thereby repeat those words of what a true blogger would utter (and which I have uttered before) – STAY TUNED! :D

Thank you for your patience.




The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

tumblr_mjq7xexnb01ro9snxo1_400_grande.jpg 4814

I just put the book down…. I just managed to take a breath…. a few tears rolled down my cheek. Tears mixed with joy of hope, sadness for the cruelty and destruction of Man, love for the weak and the strong but most of all for the strength and power such a young girl can manage to handle!

Not to give too much away, since my goal is to entice you dear followers to read it yourself – BEFORE watching the film… however, if you have already done the latter it’s OK…. would be nice to find some comments from any of you with your thoughts of the film vs the book.

Anyhow, my husband just gave me a hug, seeing how taken I was by the splendour, grace and that tweak of humour embedded in these pages… it was marvelous, no, genius, no, spectacular.. I can’t seem to find the words… yes, words….. those powerful tools of love, hate, pride, war, future, yesterday, tomorrow, today….. You will notice while reading how the words come at you, embrace you and devour you into the world of Liesel Meiminger and her beloved foster-parents Rosa and Hans Hubermann – and the handsome and deliciously charming  boy Rudy who turn Liesel’s life into bliss, harmony and compassion without comparison. And Max. We can not forget Max…. who is Max you wonder….. someone who will also turn Liesel’s life into a new story, filled with new words and a new purpose in life. A story that changes her fate, her faith, her love into something much more powerful; the addiction to fight Evil. Fight Hitler, Fight Nazism, Fight Anti-semitism! Fight fight fight but also love. Love and give love. Without it we lose our meaning.

Death plays his/her part… I have already given away too much. I can’t seem to stop myself.. that’s how enthralling this book has been. I haven’t been able to let it go. It captured something different in me, something different in any of the books from this era has even done before. A taste of humanity perhaps? A taste of life and death at the same dining-table? It left a balance… a balance of what life is about but also what we humans are afraid of but shouldn’t be. Death comes along, his job is neverending in reality. Which is a paradox – how can death be reality to some of us? Well, it’s what makes us want to live, it is what makes us fight and become those powerful beings we were meant to become…

I am excited to see the film but somehow I feel that the images one creates in ones mind, the pictures of Liesel, Rudy, Isla Hermann  – they are real to me, seeing the film wouldn’t change that… the beautiful pictures of Munich and Himmel Street will forever be in my mind as the true and authentic ones.

When you have read the book – what reality did you create for yourself? :)

Hope you will read it. It will change everything.

// E